Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Needle Guardian HD

I finished this Teresa Wentzler piece today. Not bad considering I've had to take care of the baby a good bit since my babysitter flaked out on me. I'm going to make it into a needlebook, but I think I want to line it with fabric, rather than letting the back of the stitching show.

I tried TW's recommended way of doing quarter stitches, just making one little stitch, rather than my way of making three-quarter stitches. I'm not sure I like the way the fabric shows through. (Look at the border chain to see what I mean.)

I'm still waiting on my recent purchases. I just hate the waiting.

I was supposed to have Thursday and Friday of this week off, but since the babysitter just didn't show up one day, I'm having to make up my time tomorrow. Bleh.

Baby: I recently discovered the calming effects of singing to Logan, even with my horrible voice. Just words won't do it, but singing will often make him be quiet. Everyone knows about lullabies and babies, but I had no idea the full impact. Logan also likes toys that make noise, such as his favorite, Leap, who sings the alphabet. His face just lights up. That boy's going to be a musician!


Teresa said...

Congratulations on your finish, Michelle! Great job! :-)

Carol said...

Beautiful job, Michelle!!!!

Ah, music soothes the savage beast :-)

monique said...

Gorgeous finish!

Anonymous said...

Silly girl, what do you expect! Of course he loves to hear you. He listened to you for 9 months...don't stop now :)

When my niece was a baby, she and my sister came to visit from Guam. She developed a nasty ear infection and of course since she couldn't sleep she didn't want the rest of us sleeping either. I can remember sitting up with her one night and humming the Marine Corps hymn over and over while I rocked her. Her dad was in the Air Force! LOL ~ Terri

Abi said...

Congratulations on the finish Michelle!

Ayame loves Leap also. Its the "baby stops crying machine".

Sharon said...

Gorgeous finish Michelle! Congrats.

Melissa said...

Pretty finish! I can never decide if I like 1/4 or 3/4 stitches better.

Good luck on the diet. The 6 lb. loss is a great start!

Laura said...

What a beautiful finish! Congratulations! Your Eternal Promise is looking great also.

Michelle said...

What a great piece! It will be great finished into a needlebook.