Thursday, March 04, 2010

HOE red exchange received

Here are some photos of the red exchange Ina sent me. I love the sweet little heart and all the goodies. Logan was fascinated with the flower soap, but I'm not sure I want him smelling like roses. :-) He also appropriated the candy when we opened the package. I think he enjoyed the goodies as much as I did!

Sick again: So even after the sinus surgery, I developed a sinus infection. At least it's two months between illnesses, not two weeks like before. I also started the pre-op diet Monday in preparation for Lap Band surgery on March 18. I have to stay on it so that my liver will shrink and be easier to move during the surgery. The diet is very restrictive but includes a lot of protein, so I'm not starving too bad. I'm highly motivated too!


Kim B said...

That looks like a fantastic exchange to be on the receiving end of! I cannot believe you've had a sinus infection! I hope this all gets resolved very soon. And good luck with that surgery! My mom had bariatric surgery a little over a year ago and it really changed her life. (((HUGS)))

Cindy's Stitching said...

what a pretty little heart. nice treats to.