Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rose Quilt, square 5 HD

I finally finished the next square. Last week I got a stomach bug and didn't feel like stitching for a few days (hard to believe, I know!). The thing I don't like about this piece is that it's so huge. It's very unwieldy to work on using Qsnaps, but it won't fit on my scroll frame. I have to pin up the excess fabric, and I always hate poking holes in the fabric. Hair clips won't work at all because it's so heavy.

I'll move onto something else for a bit. I need to finish up the last square of my HAED RR piece.

I talked to Becky, and the person who was supposed to send me gifts for the birthday club exchange isn't answering her emails. I just can't believe a stitcher would be so callous as to accept gifts and then not fulfill her commitment to send something herself. If she'd had a problem, she should have let Becky know. I'm disappointed and angry but strangely not surprised. Since my birthday is so late in the year, I had worried that the person would forget me. Seems I was right.

I'm going to mail my Valentine exchange today. I was really pleased with the way the piece turned out, hardanger and all. I may need to restitch it for myself. Pics to come!

By the way, the SBEBB is not closing after all. Becky changed her mind.

Baby: Logan is managing to hold his head up when he's on his belly, though he really hates belly time. He's smiling quite a lot now and laughing for Matt and the babysitter (not so much for me). Apparently funny noises make him laugh. He's still cranky a lot. Most of the time it's because he's sleepy and just refuses to sleep. The babysitter has better luck with him than Matt and I do. It just gets depressing sometimes. I want my baby to be happy, but it seems he spends so much time unhappy. I keep thinking that if I could do just the right thing, he wouldn't scream.


Kendra said...

Sorry your birthday exchange partner turned out to be a dud! That's happened to me...not with exchanges, but with trades. I sent a bunch of odds and ends to someone with the agreement that she would send some stitching magazines back...never heard from her again. So I gave up some stitching stuff, plus I was out postage, and I got nothing for my generosity and effort.

As for your little current 1 yo was like that as a baby. I said that she just did not like life for those first few months. She was fussy and didn't eat real well, plus she was quite sick for awhile (upper respiratory and lung stuff). She finally mellowed out and now, other than a tantrum or two, is a happy little girl. Give him some time to get used to his new world and he'll mellow out. When he gets in scream mode, run the vacuum cleaner...the white noise should snap him out of his funk.

jymisgurl said...

Hugs! Sounds like you're having a rough week! Sorry about your unhappy baby. My youngest did that, too. He would be good all day, and as soon as I tried to take him somewhere, he'd start screaming. Just comfort him as much as you can, if it's nothing else.
Most importantly, don't forget to take time for yourself. There were days when as soon as DH got home, I'd hand him the baby and go. I'd go in the bedroom and lock the door, then go into the walk-in closet and read, for extra privacy. After that, I'd feel alot better, and could take better care of the kids. HUGS!

Barbara said...

Yes, that's the danger of exchanges ... there are very few "bad" stitchers, but the ones that are out there really can cause some hard feelings. :(

I wish you felt better about your ability to make Logan happy. I had a hard time with my third child - she was a cryer, screamer, tantrum-thrower of the first degree. And then she learned to talk, and since then she's been like a different child. These rough times will be behind you eventually, if that is of any comfort at all.

Megumi said...

Your Rose Quilt is so pretty. I'm sorry to hear about your bad exchange partner and your unhappy baby. I'm sure he'll perk up in time. :)

Susan said...

Your Rose quilt is stunning! I can imagine it is difficult to work with though.

Sorry about your exchange partner-that always seems to be my luck in life too.

Your sweet baby will grow out of the grumpies, I am sure. My son was the same way, would wake up from his nap totally unhappy and I would just feel miserable. Then he turned into the sweetest child. Sometimes, they just have to work the kinks out!

Carol said...

Oh, your quilt is gorgeous! I had bad luck with the birthday club last year too - the stitcher I sent to did not bother to send to her person at all, so I felt kind of taken advantage of. My person did birthday, but not Christmas. I am lucky to have received birthday. I feel so sorry for you.... {{{HUGS}}}

Suzanne said...

Your rose quilt is really beautiful. I know how hard it is to work on something that's so big. I actually stitched the overhang to the back of the work by accident and then had to frog out everything I had stitched.

It's such a shame that you didn't receive your birthday gift. It's not fair to join if you have no intention to follow through. I always make my exchanges a priority so that I have them finished in time. I would hate to dissapoint someone as I know what that feels like.

Nicki said...

R&B quilt is looking lovely :)

So sorry your birthday exchange person hasn't sent you anything. I had that happen to me in a birthday group too. Some people are outrageous.

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about your exchange partner - that's terrible. And from reading the comments here, it's terrible that it happens so often. I just don't understand people who don't follow through on their committments. Your Rose and Butterfly quilt is gorgeous. I can understand it being unweildy to work on - my Tesori is the same way.

Deanne J said...

Your quilt is beautiful.

Sorry your birthday exchange didn't work out, that is just awful.

Aaron didn't like being on his belly either until he turned 4 months. Now he will spend time on his belly and when he's done he'll roll over.

Michelle said...

I love your quilt, as with everything else you stitch, lovely and QUICK! My gawsh, you're quick. :o)

I had the same problem re: the extra fabric while stitching my Villa Mira. I tried the hair clips as well (heh) but I ended up using Binder Clips from Office Depot. You just roll up the side and clip it together, they aren't heavy. Try it, they really do work.

I have no experience with children so I'll echo everyone else and say I hope it all gets better.

Laura said...

Your current stitching project is stunning. Bummer about the birthday exchange. I had a similar thing happen once. December birthdays and birthday-based exchanges don't work for me. LOL BTW, I left a little something for you on my blog. ;-)