Friday, July 13, 2012

Mermaid Song Purse (Back) HD

I finally finished the back of the the purse. The hardanger area is the flap to secure the purse. This is by far the largest piece in the set, so I'm hoping I can get the rest done in less time!

Weight Loss: I made my weight loss goal (for a total of 70 pounds lost since my highest), so the Disney Cruise has been booked! We're doing eight nights in the western Caribbean in February. My schedule says I can lose 50 pounds by then if I work really hard. I'm dreaming of being able to jog by then and using their track on the sports deck. Wish me luck!

Reading: I got to meet Kalayna Price at the Barnes and Noble in Austin the other day. Check out her books if you like urban fantasy. I like them a lot!


riona said...

I have rarely seen anything as lovely as that purse. I am sure it will be fabulous when the sewing finish is done.

Clare - Aimetu said...

The purse is gorgeous - stunning stitching.

Congratulations with your weight loss :)

Giovanna said...

Oh my, the purse is gorgeous! And well done on the weight loss, that's a huge achievement.

barbara said...

Your stitching and hardanger are breathtaking. And a huge congratulations on your weight loss!!

Veronica said...

This is stunning! Both stitching and hardanger. I can't wait to see more.