Saturday, March 17, 2007

Camp Stitchalot

Last weekend was Camp Stitchalot, a weekend-long retreat at Camp Lone Star in LaGrange, Texas. It's put on by Ginger's. I brought The Awakening, and I got tons of compliments. There was a group of international students also at the camp, and the ladies I was sitting with made sure they came over to look at my piece. I was very flattered. I'm almost finished the current page. I thought I'd finish it there, but I guess the color changes just slowed me down.

I also bought stuff while I was there, lots of Just Nans and some lovely Ginghers scissors. I also have some Dovos on order after borrowing someone's. Heaven!

A doll class was also being conducted in another part of the camp, and we peeked in on Saturday night. Oh my. They were making a wood fairy, and I was amazed at the artistry--and the sewing skills. It even inspired me to buy a (hopefully) easy doll pattern from on a stick.

One of the ladies I was sitting with is also from Bastrop and my subdivision. After we talked, we realized that her husband had taken Matt's job after he left. They were also the couple who took care of our dogs on our honeymoon 3.5 years ago. Matt had asked someone at work to take care of them, and then he had asked this lady's husband to do it since we were in the same area. Go figure! Kathy said she had seen my stitching on the walls when she came visit. We also realized we have the same floor plan for our houses, which, OK, it's that uncommon in this subdivision. I thought it was all pretty freaky, as did Kathy, but Matt wasn't as impressed. We're going to get together again and show off our stash.

The pregnancy is coming along. I had a tiny bit of spotting, and my abdominal muscles are really sore. The doctor said the ligaments and muscles and such down there are probably moving around. I haven't heard too many people complain about this, but after breaking my toe on Thanksgiving, I guess my muscle are really out of shape. I'm now 11 weeks.

I'm stitching on my Just Nan round robin. I figured that at my current pace, I'd better get started!


Katrina said...

Sounds like a fun weekend to me. And I would think it was bit freaky too :-).

Barbara said...

Sounds like the stitching camp was fun. I hope your achy belly feels better soon. Lotsa changes those first three months....

bunnyhead said...

Those retreats sound amazing! I peaked at the doll website and they look so hard but so pretty. I can't wait to see you're work on that.