Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Halloween cupcakes!

Logan found these cat cupcakes in a magazine and had to have them. So since his birthday is in October, I made them for his party at daycare. I did a little substituting -- black Twizzlers for the ears instead of the blackberry candy I couldn't find, and fruit roll-ups for the tongues instead of purple confetti candy. I also used crushed Oreos instead of black sanding sugar. Who wants to crunch into sugar on a cupcake?

They were a lot of work. Who knew? I guess I'll have to think hard before deciding to make homemade decorations. Logan was very excited about giving them to his friends (and was indignant when one of his friends threw one away). They meant something to him, so they were worth the effort.


Melissa said...

These are BEYOND cute!

Marie said...

Those are the cutest! Using the Oreos was such a better idea. Nice job....nice Mom!